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Anna Zelenkova
Engineer-technologist of fermentation production, PhD, founder and head of the online AZ BREWING SCHOOL
  • I have been working in the brewing industry since 2007.
  • Since 2010, I have been an official representative and consultant in Russia of the German company BdB GmbH, a manufacturer of brewing equipment.
  • I have designed and launched dozens of brewing plants in Russia and Europe.
  • In 2015, I founded Profimalt, an official dealer of the German company Ireks, a manufacturer of brewing malt, where I worked as a chief technologist.
  • Since 2016, I have been an official consultant in Russia for the German concern Ireks GmbH.
  • I am the creator and editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Profimalt Info.
  • Since 2017, I have been the chief technologist of the brewery DE BASSUS LA ZENIA, Alicante, Spain.
  • For 3 years in a row, my varieties have won gold medals in the national brewers ' Championship at the largest and most representative Spanish festival LA FIRA DE POUBLENOU, Barcelona, Catalonia.
  • In December 2020, I defended my PhD thesis and received the scientific degree of PhD.
  • I have almost 10 years of experience in training specialists in the industry.

Your reasons to start study

You definitely need this class, if you want:
Find a popular profession
You are interested in getting a popular and interesting profession, the demand for which in the industry is difficult to overestimate now.
Start your own business
You are ready to start your own business, open your own brewery.
Improve your qualification
You are already a professional in this field, but at the same time you are able for progressive growth and improvement.
Optimize production
You already have an operating production, but its results do not please you for one reason or another, you need a full analysis, an independent audit and professional recommendations.

What you will get

after finishing the class
Professional education and applied brewing skills.
Practical skills, provided that you pass an internship at the real production of one of our partners.
The possibility of employment with my recommendations.
Professional education
Practical skills
Employment opportunities


I will share with you my knowledge, skills and secrets!
The training consists of both theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for independent work as a brewer.
The whole theory is explained with the help of illustrative examples of real production processes.
We study the calculation and optimization of losses, the development of instructions: production, technological and official.
An integrated approach
Realistic process
Administrative buildings
The uniqueness of the methodology
I will not retell you textbooks and immerse you exclusively in a scientific approach to the profession. The most important advantage of my course is the unique method of combining theory and practice in the context of opening not one, not two, but dozens of plants of different capacities on the territory of Russia and Europe.

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HOW IS THE Study Goes?

Everything is as simple and convenient as possible
In order to start training, sign up for the selected class plan.
After payment and registration, you get access to your personal account.
In your personal account, you will have access to all the course materials, as well as to intermediate tests and final certification.
Choose a class plan
Get access
Learn more
There is a question about the current class and plan, there is a desire to continue studying or go to practice in Europe and the USA - any of the questions will not remain unanswered!
Select a class
Select the class that you want to study in.
As part of your course and training plan, communicate with each other, discuss lectures and tests, share your ideas and thoughts.


At the moment, the training takes place in one class
"Profession-technologist of brewing production".

There are several class plans for this in our school, depending on your individual factors, you can, after reading each of them, choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Training of students of specialized universities for this class is carried out on special conditions.
The possibility of passing a training internship for each of the classes offered is discussed separately.



According to the class " Profession-technologist of brewing production"

Study plan "EASY START"

This curriculum consists of 4 sections (11 video lessons + educational and methodological materials), 4 webinars and a final presentation.

Section 1 "Basic raw materials in brewing"

Section 2 "Preparation of beer wort"

Section 3 "Fermentation of beer wort"

Section 4 Clarification, stabilization and bottling of beer . Industrial sanitation


Issuing certificates

7 999 rub.
Study plan "SMART START"

This study plan includes all the content of the EASY START plan +


Specialized WEBINARS:

  • Webinar "Operational analysis of the technological process. The main indicators required for registration. Correct evaluation of the results and identification of deviations based on them". Teacher-PhD, founder of the A Z Brewing school Zelenkova A.V.
  • Webinar "Sites of brewing equipment with a high microbiological risk. Practical experience and sanitary and hygienic measures". Teachers - PhD, founder of the A Z Brewing school Zelenkova A.V. together with the CEO and founder of BdB GmbH, certified master of brewing and oenologist Ralf Gerwert."
  • Webinar "Development of technical and technological documentation necessary for conducting at the brewery. Samples of all forms of magazines. Guide to filling out". Teacher-PhD, founder of the A Z Brewing school Zelenkova A.V.


Issuing certificates

15 999 rub.
Study plan "SUITE START"

This study plan includes all the content of the SMART START plan + The"Expert" option


- Analysis of the production process with the identification of problem areas in production

- Process optimization

- personnel certification

- development of a package of individual documentation

- development of individual recipes, adjustment of existing ones

- consultation of an accounting employee

Live chat in messengers with an expert for 3 weeks (11.00-16.00 )

3 video sessions with an expert

Consultation of a technical specialist on the operation of the equipment

1 video call session with a German specialist


Issuing certificates

29 999 rub.


This study plan implies my full immersion in your tasks, no matter what level of complexity they are.

Do you want to open your own production, optimize and modernize the one that already exists, sort out the old ones, or make new regulations, find new sales markets and correctly prioritize advertising and marketing?

Any task set by you will be clearly solved within the agreed time frame.

I look forward to your requests!

On request


Zelenkova Anna Valentinovna
Engineer-technologist of fermentation production, PhD, founder and head of the online brewing school AZ BREWING SCHOOL.
Ralph Gerwert
Certified specialist in brewing, oenologist, CEO of BdB GmbH.
Novikova Inna Vladimirovna
Full Doctor, Professor of the Department of Fermentation and Sugar Production of VSUIT, Dean of the Faculty of Technology of VSUIT.
Chusova Alla Evgenyevna
PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Fermentation and Sugar Production at VSUIT.
Gorbunova Darya Alekseevna
Certified specialist, engineer-technologist of fermentation and winemaking, Chief technologist of MONARCH LLC.
Pshenichny Evgeny Vladimirovich
Engineer designer of electric networks and power supply of enterprises. Certified specialist in the production, installation and commissioning of the main technological units of brewing equipment.
Simonov Nikita Olegovich
Technologist of the brewery de Bassus, Alicante, Spain.


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Our partners are the largest European and Russian companies, leading specialized universities, as well as author's breweries-restaurants. We are glad to our friendship and cooperation!

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